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Panel discussion: Want More Women In STEM? Inspire Them Early!

The gender balance in the technological sector is not achievable in the near future. However, we have to act now to make this revolutionary shift possible. The percentage of girls and young women involved in STEMM degrades gradually with age from early school years. It has economical and cultural aspects behind it, which need to be tackled.  

The panel will cover initiatives and best practices for promoting scientific and engineering careers in younger generations. Girls and teenagers are open to learning from experts and getting inspired by role models

We will see how the current approach in schools and universities addresses gender equality issues, and how practices in the past affected the sector situation now.

Panel discussion and event-wide Challenge: Women of Future - Dreams and Perspectives

It is a noticeably more vague image of a successful woman in science now. It is not widely shown in media or cultural references, and this image never looks complete enough to be a real person.

We will hear about the professional perspectives and thoughts of our panellists when they were younger, and how these dreams and plans were evolving with time. We will get into a more detached perspective and try to shape the ideal image of future women involved in science and technology. What are her strengths, daily routine, and involvement in leadership? 

We will also try to see what can be achieved in practice, given current trends and efforts in this direction.

We will involve the entire remotely connected network of British and Irish universities in the interactive brainstorming and discussion with our panellists. We will think of keywords and characteristics and match them to a professional profile.

Panel discussion and keynotes: Career journey and lessons learnt

The promotion of a scientific career among the female audience is often based on strong and inspiring stories of role models and successful leaders. However, we often do not know the full picture and what kind of tough choices the lady in question had to go through to achieve professional success.

We will hear from our panelists about the challenges they were facing and the empowerment they were given (or not given). Was it they way that women had to fight for space and recognition, and is it the case now?

Panel discussion: Academia vs Industry - what fits female professionals better?

There are always intensive chats and discussions about academia and industry from the point of salary, flexibility, career prospects and work-life balance. Battles are being waged on forums, social media and public platforms. There are always pros and cons on both sides, and every professional at some point in their career comes to the question of what works better for them.

We will be approaching this bitten topic from a woman’s perspective. 

Where female professionals would feel more comfortable? What sector provides better flexibility when it comes to maternity duties or exploring career perspectives? What can motivate decision-makers that investing in a more comfortable work environment for women will pay off?

Plenary: Opportunities for Women in STEMM

In this session, we will hear from government and industrial organisations about the funding and support opportunities, aiming students, early career researchers and established academics.

Keynote: It was Her!

When thinking of an ideal image of women in future, we have to reflect back on the lessons and experiences of our famous and successful predecessors. In this keynote, we will build the bridge between the past and the future and apply today’s optics to historical events. You will hear from high school students about the celebrated female scientists’ stories and thoughts of the younger generation about success and careers.