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Women in STEMM

To promote more women in Research and Industry, we organise regular events devoted to showing all of the amazing innovations developed by women today and in the past, as well as spotlighting female career development in STEMM disciplines.

Upcoming Event

It’s Her Time!

It’s Her Today! It’s Her Tomorrow!

The first of its kind, this summit is devoted to women in STEMM and will run for three days in universities across Ireland and the UK starting from International Women’s Day, the 8th of March, 2023.

Past Events


01-02 Oct 2020

Women in Nanotech


Paris Chemie Tech, France

08-11 Dec 2020

Women in Optics


University College London , UK

09-12 April 2019

Women in Materials


Paris Chemie Tech , France

10-13 Dec 2018